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How Do You Handle Criticism ?

How Do I Handle Criticism?

Honestly, I feel like I handle it poorly. Sometimes with crossed arms and rolled eyes. Other times I find myself crippled by criticism, my own being the worst. So, how do I get anything done?

I’ve learned to not quiet “the haters” as much as I would like to. I listen to every whisper I hear in my mind telling me I suck, this isn’t good enough, that artist is doing this better. I internalize this feeling and meditate on what’s really being said.

I jokingly say “Art critiques made me a savage.” Critiques taught me how to internalize the suck. I learned not to simply say I suck, but instead focus on what I’m not good at and then my criticism is laser pointed on something I can change. I found out when I tell myself this isn’t good enough it’s often just that I need to push it further in this direction to make something clear or I’m just not digging the color scheme, maybe this bit of symbolism or metaphor better suits the composition.

Write it all down, take photos, make videos because seeing the progress and better understanding your own process will tear down those feelings of pressure, doubt, anxiety, and fear. Furthermore, slowly building on fundamentals and technique the criticism is broken down into a tool for growth.

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