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The Nude Shoot

I’ve always been captivated by the human form: the curvatures, smoothness, tone of musculature, and unique features and postures. My fascination with wanting to do a nude shoot came from this infatuation with the body and never seeing my own from another set of eyes. There are a few key points I learned from my first nude shoot that are essential to producing any good shots worth keeping.

1.) You have to be completely, 100%, undoubtedly, unapologetically comfortable with yourself and whatever parts of you that you want to expose. If this is not the case then it doesn’t matter what kind of lighting you use, how expensive the camera, the number of lens you use, the photographer, or the editing software. Of course an amazing photographer may find a few good shots, but the fact remains you must be comfortable in order for the shoot to be a success. You can’t hide a rigid body from the camera; the viewer will be able to tell. The initial camera shyness will subside. When the camera is on us it’s a chance for even the most introverted person in the world to become a star, why not act like it? Be fun and fearless. Try the simple pose you saw in a yoga photo, play your favorite album, or start with a few shots of liquor.

2.) Do what you feel, but have a plan. Once the photographer gets snapping, make their job easier. A 1 hour shoot can be reduced to 20 min. of good shots if the photographer has to move you, don’t just stand like a mannequin. Try to come into the shoot with an idea of some of the finished pictures you want to see. Already having a vision can take away some of the nervousness of shedding off the extra layers.

3.) Be flexible. I’m not saying pose in a complicated side-crow stance, but rather be open to the eyes watching you. This is going to be an intimate moment with you and the lens so not only should you be comfortable, you should be open. The photographer may see the vision change before you do, and as the model try to make the transition seen in the photos much like a dance where two partners hand-in-hand move fluidly across the floor. Don’t forget, the objective was to get nude photos so experiment with your body’s form and see what happens under different lighting.

Photos by: M. M.

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