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A Creative Mind For Our Times

 The Erick Nkana site provides information about upcoming shows, exhibitions and images of past projects, as well as information about my artistic journey from dream to realization.

Taken by: Trent Burk with Trent Burk Photography


I love when the words of a song can make the whole world not seem as foreign, conversation can overcome fear, and a joke still is the cure for most illnesses. The human experience is what interests me. I look for the connections that can be made to give a better understanding of what unifies us as humans and separates us as people. These are the little things that not only make up who we are but also give us character and depth.  

My work is focused on sharing my own life as well as interests, the insight gained from the lives of others, and the experiences each of us all have as individuals and a collective.

My paintings and poetry are "self-portraits" that use language, color, symbolism, and abstraction to add perspective to the narrative within the given composition.

-Erick Nkana

Taken by: Trent Burk with Trent Burk Photography

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